Next Friday me dad and other people are going up the Hopkins near Ohua 4 wheel driving and hopefully shoot some deer. But it might rain so if it does dad said we can go over to the west coast, since moose are cool and i really want to find one i asked dad if…

Tech week

Last week was tech, I was in Digi tech we made notebook covers with the laser cutters mine was a ballerina we also made Christmas decorations mine was a stag. On the computer we made pictures of animal silhouette and fill the silhouette with shapes and then colour them so it could be printed out….

100 WC

In 2326, Zombie was  STARVING!! She ate everyone’s brains  on the farm now there was nothing to eat. She had tried  crops it wasn’t the same as  big,  juicy brains. She could make the long trip into town, but  brains in town weren’t good enough. Zombie made the courageous decision  to eat the worm’s brain….

Camp writing

  This was my first time doing coast steering. The water was cold and salty, the wet suit, thermals, life jacket and helmet lessened the wind chill but did not keep me very warm. The sharp rocks were covered in barnacles and everybody had to be careful not to grab onto them, otherwise your hands…

Tech week

Last week was tech at ois. I was in food with Mrs mcnabb the first day i had to go by myself because i was the only person who was gluten intolerant i did not like going by myself because i am not good at cooking the next day i went with ruby and it…